CARIFORUMCaribbean Forum of African, Caribbean and Pacific States
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The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the CARIFORUM Group of African Caribbean Pacific countries and the European Union (EU) represented enhanced and new market access opportunities for CARIFORUM investors and service providers in the tourism industry in the EU market.
Expression of Interest for Feasibility study for a pilot export capacity strengthening program in CARIFORUM member countries (CARICOM + Dominican Republic) in the agro-processing sector, through SMEs upgrading to international food safety standards.
CARIFORUM rum producers have argued that the substantial tax breaks offered to Diageo and others are tantamount to subsidies, which are in contravention of World Trade Organisation rules;
The Dominican Republic is an upper-middle income country with the largest economy among the CARIFORUM countries with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of over US$60 billion (current US$, 2013).
We are appealing, not just for the Barbados rum industry but the CARIFORUM rum industry in general [for] our governments take this issue very, very seriously and seek to have dialogue with the United Sates government, with a view to resolving what we feel is an iniquitous and pernicious use of subsidies for multinational spirit companies and their rum production.
In 2008, the CARIFORUM states and the member states of the EU signed an economic partnership agreement (EPA).
Development of a range of communication and M&E tools to assist in the coordination amongst key stakeholders such as the regional institutions (AUC, COMESA, ECOWAS, CARISCOM Secretariat / CARIFORUM, the Pacific Island Forum), the EC Delegations (DGs DEVCO and Env), and programme and activities supported by the GCCA Support Facility, UNEP Risoe Centre, UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol (eg LDC Fund, Adaptation Fund, CC window of GEF trust fund), the World Bank, the United Nations and through other multilateral and bilateral donors.
The project was supported by the 9th European Development Fund to benefit all the CARIFORUM Member States.
BPSA) has received a grant from the Caribbean Aid for Trade & Regional Integration Trust Fund, administered by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), financed by the UK Dept for Intl Development (DFID) with decisions on approval of projects made by a Steering Committee comprising DFID, CARICOM and CARIFORUM.
Moments earlier the President and the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Forum of ACP States (CARIFORUM), Edwin Carrington unveiled a plaque and signed an Headquarters Agreement between Suriname and CARIFORUM during the launch ceremony which was attended by a number of dignitaries.
This follows the signing of an accord between CARIFORUM and the West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers Association (WIRSPA) and its endorsement by the European Community.