CARIMConsortium for Applied Research on International Migration
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Leon Schurgers of CARIM said, "The agreement with NattoPharma will strengthen our seminal research to understand the essential vitamin 1(2 and its pivotal contribution to healthy aging.
CARIM (Comite aviseur sur les relations interculturelles de Montreal).
African Refugees' Influx in Israel from a socio-political perspective' CARIM research reports 2009/04.
The CARIM research suggests that such diseases may be treated by regrowing blood vessels and thereby restoring function to the heart.
Scientists at CARIM and Incyte will design and conduct gene expression experiments to study the role genes play in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disease.
CARIM is known internationally for its focus on innovative cardiovascular research, integrating knowledge from molecule to patient.
Under the terms of the agreement, ACS Biomarker has granted BG Medicine exclusive, worldwide commercial rights to pursue the development, validation, regulatory approval and commercialization of diagnostic tests based on the biomarker discovered by CARIM, in exchange for milestone payments, royalties based on net sales and sublicensing income of any products commercialized under the license.
The novel test that BG Medicine expects to develop aims to use the biomarker discovered by CARIM to identify plaque rupture in patients early, for instance, when the blockage is temporary or not complete and has not yet caused the common signs and symptoms of heart attack or stroke.
ACS Biomarker, a company that was formed with technology exclusively licensed from the University of Maastricht and other parties, was founded to develop and commercialize cardiovascular biomarkers discovered at CARIM.
We are excited about this license and collaboration agreement with BG Medicine," said Professor Mat Daemen, one of the founders of ACS Biomarker and Scientific Director of CARIM.