CARINComputer-Aided Research in Nursing
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To our amazement CARIN was a much bigger success than we ever dared hope," said Carlo van Heuckelom (NOTE--SPELLING IS CORRECT), head of the financial and property crime unit at Europol, and a participant in the founding meeting.
There were no formal benchmarking standards for the AROs, though "best practice recommendations on the structure, powers and access to information have been formulated within the CARIN network or in expert meetings.
The latest attack at the practice in Station Road happened at the weekend ( and when Mr Carins arrived for work yesterday morning he found the centre's roof had a hole in it and pounds 180 had been taken from the safe.
Mr Carins said: "We do not want to move premises but this begs the question, whether it is worth it.
Retired college lecturer Coun Harrington, chairman of the council's development committee, was accused of showing Mrs Carins a lack of respect at the Have Your Say borough debate in Morpeth's Riverside leisure centre last November.
Mrs Carins last night said there was nothing she could do about the decision, which she branded a foregone conclusion.
The same member also said Mrs Carins should have known she would be on the receiving end of public criticism upon becoming a parish councillor and stressed that all people in the political arena should know they need to be "fairly thick-skinned".
Mrs Carins made a complaint, claiming his attitude had been rude and aggressive.
Now, after an investigation, council solicitor David Bowman has concluded the allegation Coun Harrington breached the code of conduct by failing to treat Mrs Carins with respect has not been made out.
In evidence to the investigation, Mrs Carins said the councillor's attitude and response had reduced her to tears and put her off public affairs.