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CARLCombined Arms Research Library (Fort Leavenworth, KS, USA)
CARLCanadian Association of Research Libraries
CARLCarl Sandburg Home National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
CARLColorado Alliance of Research Libraries
CARLConservation and Recreation Lands
CARLCoating Applications Research Laboratory
CARLChemical Amplification of Resist Lines
CARLConstruction Automation & Robotics Laboratory (North Carolina State University)
CARLCompressor Aero Research Laboratory
CARLComparative Animal Research Laboratory (Oak Ridge, TN)
CARLCitizen Action Request Line
CARLConditional Average Run Length
CARLColorado Association of Research Libraries, Inc.
CARLCalibration Requirements List
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I wish with all my heart I could show this movie to Carl.
In 1953, Carl set a world altitude record of 83,235 feet and NACA pilot Scott Crossfield made the first flight at twice the speed of sound, both in a Skyrocket now at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.
Carl Zeiss SMT AG comprises the Semiconductor Technology Group of the Carl Zeiss Group.
The new business unit is located in the offices of Carl Marks & Co.
To learn more about this exciting development, please visit Carl Zeiss SMT at booth 1274 at the M&M 2010 Conference in Portland, Oregon, or contact your Carl Zeiss SMT sales representative.
And if Lewis is in a benevolent mood, maybe he will invite 200- and 400-meter Olympic champ Michael Johnson - providing they aren't bickering as they were at the Atlanta Olympics, where Johnson wanted to be the star but Lewis, because he is Carl Lewis, could not let him.
A heart formed of polymers, a tuberculosis bacterium camouflaged as an exotic blossom and a dragon made of a magnesium-titanium compound: it is often hard to tell whether the entries to the Carl Zeiss Nano Image Contest are artistically created fine art or scientific photos taken under the microscope.
Numerous applications in both life sciences and materials analysis will benefit from the increased performance," explains Allister Mc Bride from Carl Zeiss Nano Technology Systems division at Cambridge.
The instrument basis for the development of this new technique is the MERLIN[R] Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope from Carl Zeiss, equipped with an Oxford WDS spectrometer.
Founder's Day celebrates the vision and leadership of our founder Carl Karcher, whose attention to product quality, guest service, and continued innovation influence our corporate culture to this day," said Andrew F.
With its innovative technologies and leading-edge solutions, Carl Zeiss is successful in the fields of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Metrology, Microscopy, Medical Technology, Vision Care and Consumer Optics/Optronics.
Other changes at Carl Fischer include the appointment of Chris Scialfa as vice president/sales and William Heese as vice president/special projects.