CARLIConsortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois
CARLIComité des Avocats pour le Respect des Libertés Individuelles (French: Committee of Lawyers for the Respect of Individual Liberties; Haiti)
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These, however, were to go no farther than Carli, where water transportation ceased and where they were to wait with the boats.
Night brought them to Carli, and they had the satisfaction of knowing that they had accomplished in one day what had required two days for Tudor's expedition.
Here at Carli, next morning, half-way through the grass-lands, the boat's-crews were left, and with them the horde of Binu men, the boldest of which held on for a bare mile and then ran scampering back.
Fe gafodd Vicky ei magu gyda'i mam, cyn symud i fyw i Lundain at ei thad, Joel," esbonia Carli sy'n 29 ac yn gyn ddisgybl yn Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr, Tre-gwyr, ac wedi astudio yng Ngholeg Cerdd a Drama Caerdydd.
I imagine that not in her wildest dreams did Carli (above) see herself doing that, certainly not completing her hat-trick with a shot from the halfway line.
Francesco Carli, Department of Anesthesia, McGill University Health Centre, 1650 Cedar Ave.
Carli said: "As lean muscle increases, so does your resting metabolism and you burn more calories all day.
41am on July 10, a 8lb 4oz healthy baby arrived and he was just perfect, much to the joy of Carli and partner Stewart Black, 27, who was by mum's side throughout the whole birth.
Simon is distracted when Carli shows up in Malia and does his best to win her back, while idiot beanpole Neil (Harrison) is happy doing his comical dancing, which attracts hordes of middle-aged women.
Carniti, a director of the company that owned Golden Surprice, was found guilty with Rugani, who accompanied the horse to Wolverhampton, and Carli, whose Betfair account was used for lay bets, of conspiring by using inside information that Golden Surprice had neither been in training, nor in a racing yard, since winning a seller at the same track a fortnight earlier.
Di Carli, director of the noninvasive cardiovascular imaging program at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston.
This year the usual leasing period of four months for high-end student properties has taken closer to six months, Carli said.
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