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CARMENContent Analysis Retrieval and MetaData Effective Networking (data processing program)
CARMENCode Analysis Repository and Modelling for E-Neuroscience (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)
CARMENConjunto de Acciones para la Reducción Multifactorial de las Enfermedades No Transmisibles (Spanish: Actions for the Multifactorial Reduction of Noncommunicable Diseases)
CARMENCanadian Rural Medicine Network (Réseau Canadien de Médecine Rurale)
CARMENConcerted Action for Research into Myopathies due to Enzyme deficiencies
CARMENContext-Aware Resource Management Environment
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In I Want Candy, Steph is a receptionist roped into an adult movie starring Carmen.
Above, Debbie Holbrook, winner of the Zonta Club's Carmen Sarro Award for Improving the Status of Women Through Community Service, stands with her award at a March 18 celebration brunch.
University researchers spent pounds 120,000 - and three years - tracing the cinematic history of legendary Spanish gipsy Carmen.
Carmen said: "Since Big Brother, Lee thinks he's a big star who can have any woman he wants.
TEMPTRESS Tatiana Busuiocas plays Carmen in Ellen Kent's production of Carmen.
If Carmen bodies forth Eros, it is an extremely narcissistic Eros.
Despite her father's violent opposition, she went from audition to audition, taking the stage name Carmen Miranda and inventing a new personality to go with the name.
I hear her talk and I see myself--where I came from and what I am," Carmen says.
Because of their impulsivity, hallucinations, lack of social skills, difficulty initiating contact or maintaining personal relationships, and problems with sexual aggression, these people are more at risk for AIDS than the general population (Brenda, 1991; Carmen & Brady, 1990; Susser, et al.
However, it might just be that the two have been swapping music tips since Carmen is reportedly working on a new album.
As the place of Carmenere's rediscovery, Carmen has taken a leadership role within the Chilean wine industry in maximizing the varietal's nuanced qualities.
Founded in 1993, Carmen Steffens' worldwide headquarters is located in Franca (Sao Paulo), Brazil www.