CARMIKECarl and Michael (Carmike Cinemas)
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12 December 2016 - US-based cinema operators Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
In an analyst call on Monday, AMC president and CEO Adam Aron pitched his firm's "best and final" offer to Carmike stockholders
Incidentally, Carmike offers a competing premium-format product to AMC's Imax, which AMC chief executive Adam Aron told the WSJ he plans to continue.
and Carmike Cinemas last week opened a Goshen, Ind.
The amended and resaid merger agreement has been unanimously approved by the Carmike board of directors, and Carmike's Board recommends that all Carmike stockholders vote "FOR" the amended and resaid merger agreement with AMC.
The Boards of Directors of AMC as well as Carmike have already offered their nods to the merger.
lt;strong>COLORADO</strong><br />Colorado Springs - Carmike Chapel Hills 15
Carmike is the worst example but most other major exhibs have had down quarters since last summer except for the December period.
Driehaus beneficially owns 2,430,578 shares of Carmike Cinemas.