CARMLSCooperative Arkansas Realtors Multiple Listing Services
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According to CARMLS data, the $600,000-plus home on the market the longest in central Arkansas--outside of downtown Little Rock--is at 41 Germany Court in Chenal Valley, which has been listed for 757 days.
When looking across the board at CARMLS statistics from 2004, 2005 and the first five months of 2006, the numbers by and large remain eerily consistent.
The fact that more $400,000-plus houses are being listed on the market is supported by the CARMLS statistics, which do not reflect FSBO houses--those for sale by owner.
But Rogers withdrew earlier this year because most of its agents said CARMLS was difficult to use and could not perform necessary functions.
He says Quest beat out 20 competitors including CARMLS and Financial Business Systems in getting a significant majority of the Votes.
Northwest Arkansas Realtors took their own system on line two years ago, but they joined the CARMLS last year after failing to resolve technical disputes.
Kumpe said he's averaging a call a day from Internet contacts through the CARMLS and www.
49 percent of all 1991 home sales recorded by CARMLS occurred in the area, which is home to subdivisions such as Pleasant Valley, Hickory Creek and Longlea.
In the years before CARMLS, we counted for-sale signs to keep up with what the competition was doing.
For 1989, CARMLS tabulated sales were 3,800 - the lowest level since 1982 when home sales in the two countries numbered only 2,689.
Rounding out the top five areas of residential sales during 1989, as reported by CARMLS, are: