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CAROCanadian Association of Radiation Oncologists
CAROComputer Anti-Virus Researchers' Organization
CAROCommon Anatomy Reference Ontology (biology)
CAROCanadian Artists' Representation Ontario (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CAROCentral Army Records Office (Australia)
CAROCompanies Auditors Report Order
CAROClub Auto Rétro de l'Ourcq (French automobile club)
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The POEA has scheduled conciliatory meetings with Caro and her agency to determine the nature of the FRA's violation, and the amount of compensation due to her, as stipulated in her two-year contract.
En ella se escucha la voz de Caro Quintero interrogando a Kiki en una casa (de la calle Lope de Vega), en Guadalajara.
Revealing his plans to the media at the Oman Football Association headquarters on Saturday, Lopez Caro named the a list of 31 players for the forthcoming internal and external camps and also revealed the friendly matches during the extended training session.
We had booked to go for the boys' 18th birthdays and Karl's 60th, so I thought I would visit the gallery to check it out and if it turned out to be a shed then I'd know it was a scam," said Caro.
Caro takes a risk in using such a twist, but the risk pays off.
Albuquerque police spokesman, Officer Tanner Tixier, told the Associated Press that authorities believe it was a random robbery attempt and that Russell and De Caro were not "targeted for who they were.
I just watched a video of Kristina Caro singing and dancing.
Segun Mesa, debido a este contexto, y pese a su estructura mental dogmatica y doctrinaria, Caro tuvo una lucida comprension del problema de la moneda como signo de equivalencia funcional al intercambio de mercancias, aun en esa precaria existencia del sistema de necesidades y dependencias de la sociedad colombiana de fines del siglo XIX.
In 1989 Caro stopped by and asked if I would consider doing a collaborative clay project with him in my studio.
Visiting the major cities, palaces, and monuments in the Paris region dating from the twelfth to the nineteenth century, Caro covers all of the greatest hits: Saint-Denis, Chartres, Reims, the Louvre, Sainte-Chapelle, Vincennes, Rouen, the chateaux of the Loire, Fontainebleau, the Place des Vosges, Vaux-le-Vicomte, Versailles, the Palais Royal, the Conciergie, Malmaison, and Compiegne.
9) "Treasury Sanctions the Network of Drug Lord Rafael Caro Quintero," U.
Caro started her fundraising efforts in August 2012, two years after she finished her treatment for breast cancer, with a 25-mile walk along Hadrian's Wall.