CARPCCapital Area Regional Planning Commission (Madison, WI)
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CARPC has invited the Urban League of Greater Madison, the Latino Support Network, and United Way of Dane County to participate in the consortium as organizations that represent the perspectives of traditionally underserved groups.
CARPC describes the Southdale Neighborhood as consisting of "underserved communities with low-incomes, high unemployment and a general lack of access to goods and services.
208) CARPC describes the location of the proposed fresh food market as a "food desert," in which residents lack access to fresh food, don't have access to cars, and must rely on local convenience stores with expensive and unhealthy products.
230) Thus, it is logical that CARPC would select these partners for a project to further social equity goals.
With the software package CarPC the company has succeeded in creating a powerful platform for the development process for complete driver information and communication systems.
The development of the central CarPC software platform with particular attention to intuitive usability is based on the know-how of CAA AG.
The central control element of the CarPC in the central console replaces a multitude of buttons, keys and dials, the clear screen design of the display helps drivers to spot the required information at a glance.
In each case, the design of the CarPC is customized to the model concept and interior of each particular car.
The hardware in the CarPC systems being presented by CAA comprises a display and an operating unit in the central console.
One aspect of the user-friendly concept of the CarPC from CAA is, for example, an Internet browser which has been specially designed for vehicles and for the future integration of voice recognition and voice output.
The Intelliworxx CarPC system was introduced and demonstrated in a Mercedes Benz ML320 at the world's largest technology trade show, CeBIT 99, held in Hanover, Germany this week.
The CarPC combines the Intelliworxx in-vehicle mobile computing platform with ComROAD's StreetGuard(tm) Telematics Module, a wireless communications and GPS interface, to provide a complete product solution for in-vehicle, voice driven applications.