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CARPERCarrier Planned Equipment Replacement
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Rather than lurching from crisis to crisis, increasing debt, and borrowing more money from foreign governments to pay for our transportation system, I say it's time to do what's right," said Carper.
Qualified to avail of the CARPER are shared tenants and regular farm workers, he added.
Once it is released, Carper said he will solicit feedback about the order during a joint hearing on cyber security with the Senate Intelligence committee.
A supporter of Dodd-Frank, Carper says he worked hard to "ensure that we enact prudent financial regulation while not unnecessarily restricting the ability of our financial services institutions to continue to make credit available to our consumers and to increase lending to small businesses and consumers.
Carper and Hunt have consistently produced scholarship treating religious traditions in American education.
Tom Carper announced the grant, saying economic development begins with a well-trained work force.
corporate researchand development and will continue to report to Carper.
In their new book The Dissenting Tradition in American Education, James Carper (University of South Carolina) and Thomas Hunt (University of Dayton) provide a sympathetic sampling of the post-Mann dissenting tradition.
This spring, Carper paid two visits, the more recent of which was to The UPS Store of Ocean View, Del.
Thomas Carper (D-DE) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) introduced two similar multi-pollutant bills that deal with emissions, including carbon dioxide, from power plants.
Jones first worked for Carper as governor, and came to Washington in 2000 when his boss was elected to the Senate.
Eccentric characters abound, like Great Grandmother Celestial Darling Carper, who likes bourbon and so is looped and happy much of the time.