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So now my lord and lady duke and duchess, here is your governor Sancho Panza, who in the bare ten days he has held the government has come by the knowledge that he would not give anything to be governor, not to say of an island, but of the whole world; and that point being settled, kissing your worships' feet, and imitating the game of the boys when they say, 'leap thou, and give me one,' I take a leap out of the government and pass into the service of my master Don Quixote; for after all, though in it I eat my bread in fear and trembling, at any rate I take my fill; and for my part, so long as I'm full, it's all alike to me whether it's with carrots or with partridges.
Out of the whole ninety-five there were eight in particular--Dumpling, Fancy, Lofty, Mist, Old Pretty, Young Pretty, Tidy, and Loud--who, though the teats of one or two were as hard as carrots, gave down to her with a readiness that made her work on them a mere touch of the fingers.
There was a pretty garden around the house, where blue trees and blue flowers grew in abundance and in one place were beds of blue cabbages, blue carrots and blue lettuce, all of which were delicious to eat.
He took me up the open space, between the caves and the river, and into the forest beyond, where, in a grassy place among the trees, we made a meal of stringy-rooted carrots.
Buguias Mayor Ruben Tindaan explained that the inclusion of the "giant carrot cake" as part of the festival is a representation of the fact that majority of the highland vegetables produced in the Cordillera comes from this town.
I may be able to sneak in a lunch out or a visit to the local store, but I generally water the carrot bed both before I go and after I get back.
Department of Agriculture's carrot breeding program has been based here in the cool months (split with summers in Wisconsin).
Whether you like the taste of carrot juice or not, you cannot refute the health benefits that drinking it provides you.
T-29 variety of carrot is matchless because of its colour, appearance, size and taste.
There are two very important aspects to producing a carrot juice whose micronutrients - vitamins, minerals, and bioactive phytochemicals (e.
We saw the problem at the carrot washing area [four years ago when Philmech visited a carrot trading facility]-the sanitation-and so the idea of developing a carrot washer arose, Estigoy says.
He said: "As carrot cake is my wife's favourite I have made it in many forms.