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CARTACenter for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny (est. 2008; University of California, San Diego)
CARTACharleston Area Regional Transportation Authority
CARTACampaign for Real Travel Agents
CARTACollege of Architecture and the Arts (Florida International University; Miami, FL)
CARTAChattanooga Area Regional Transit Authority
CARTACosta Rican Airborne Research and Technology
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Created by artist Hew Locke, it consists of 12 bronze chairs and symbolises the right of trial by a jury of peers established by Magna Carta.
He added that the digital era required a new Magna Carta to reflect the "Internet age" and codify liberties involving Internet use and social media.
The Great Charter is not just about the Magna Carta and the conflict between King John and the Barons, there is a parallel futuristic story told in alternate scenes about a totalitarian state run by The Protector.
The "Magna Carta 800: Sharing the Legacy of Freedom" exhibition at the New-York Historical Society, one of America's pre-eminent cultural institutions, will be on view from September 23 through September 30, 2015.
The new high-quality replicas will allow many more scholars and visitors to access the documents, and increase the number of people who can learn about how the Magna Carta influenced the way we live today and its historical significance.
Dr Christian Liddy, senior lecturer in Durham University's Department of History and academic curator behind the exhibition, said: "Magna Carta is famed for its role in the establishment of the rule of law.
It is understood that Sandwich does not intend to sell its Magna Carta but instead is hoping to benefit from its potential as a tourist attraction.
The Library's exhibition will show how the interpretation of the Magna Carta through the centuries led to the constitutional guarantees of individual liberty brought forth by America's Founding Fathers.
On the Magna Carta, Roberts said its ''core principles of justice'' remain relevant today and are worth defending.
He named Magna Carta (1215), Petition of Right, (1628) and the Bill of Rights (1689) in support.
LONDON, July 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Magna Carta World Heritage LLC announced today its campaign to donate the Magna Carta 800[sup.
Metsa Board is launching a new carton-board, Carta Allura, designed especially for luxury end-uses.