CARUChildren's Advertising Review Unit (Council of Better Business Bureaus)
CARUComisión Administradora del Río Uruguay (Uruguay-Argentina)
CARUClinical Ageing Research Unit (UK)
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asp (describes the CARU Safe Harbor Program to aid its supporters in protecting the privacy of children online and meeting the requirements of COPPA)
CARU is the latest addition to the Campus for Aging and Vitality, which is now Europe's largest group specialising in research and treatment of brain ageing disorders.
Working hand-in-hand with CARU to make sure that our advertising and marketing are transparent and responsible while delivering relevant information and opportunities to our audience is our main goal.
CARU has been providing donor insemination fertility treatment since the late 1970s and currently has a 20% success rate.
To access a copy of the revised CARU Self-Regulatory Guidelines for Children's Advertising, please visit http://www.
As the nation's first recipient of Safe Harbor certification by CARU, HighlightsKids.
In addition to the controls placed by CARU, Highlights set its own high standards for safety by monitoring all online communications, approving all screen names to ensure users' privacy, and not advertising to children.
But Warrington's development control committee approved the application, by Carus Homes Ltd.
Michael Carus joins JVP as its chief financial officer.
Carus Publishing Company announced today that it has acquired, substantially, all the assets of the Cobblestone Publishing Division of Pearson Education.
Friends Ken and Muriel Carus raised the alarm after they went to check on her when she failed to answer their phone calls.
Vernon Carus went through courtesy of their faster scoring rate at the 30 overs stage - they had scored 146 compared with Bootle's 122.