CARUChildren's Advertising Review Unit (Council of Better Business Bureaus)
CARUComisión Administradora del Río Uruguay (Uruguay-Argentina)
CARUClinical Ageing Research Unit (UK)
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For the ICJ, the obligation to notify CARU under the 1975 Statute is inextricably linked to the fulfilment of the duty to prevent environmental harm.
Durante el mismo periodo, los representantes de Celulosas de M'Bopicua, informaron al Presidente de la CARU acerca de este proyecto.
The rate of compliance with CARU decisions is about 97 percent, and the decisions are included in case reports published at least 10 times a year.
asp (describes the CARU Safe Harbor Program to aid its supporters in protecting the privacy of children online and meeting the requirements of COPPA)
CARU and IFIC have prepared this guide to provide parents with information and strategies to help you and your children evaluate food advertising, make informed decisions and create a healthy balance of food and nutrition choices that are right for your family.
CARU is the latest addition to the Campus for Aging and Vitality, which is now Europe's largest group specialising in research and treatment of brain ageing disorders.
CARU has been providing donor insemination fertility treatment since the late 1970s and currently has a 20% success rate.
Specifically, CARU states certain "techniques which may be appropriate for adult-directed advertising may mislead children if used in child-directed advertising.
Specifically, they should adhere to the CARU Self-Regulatory Guidelines for Children's Advertising.
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