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CARVECriticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, and Effect
CARVECompletely Arbitrary Regional Volume Excitation (medical imaging)
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Young teachers, doing much work for little pay; young artists, trying to pencil, paint, or carve their way to Rome; young writers, burning to distinguish themselves; young singers, dreaming of triumphs, great as those of Jenny Lind; and some who tried to conquer independence, armed only with a needle, like poor Jane.
Thanks to good brother Bartholomew, I carve in wood and in ivory, and can do something also in silver and in bronze.
We carve and paint, or we behold what is carved and painted, as students of the mystery of Form.
He may paint and carve only as long as he can do that.
How to carve the perfect pumpkin To help you get into the spirit of Halloween, Dobbies Garden Centres has offered some supereasy pumpkin carving tips.
He blamed the setback in the wood carving craft on Malaysian, Egyptian and Chinese industries which export machines to carve wood for a lower cost, warning that this might prove lethal to his craft.
He will carve a figurative sculpture based on his drawing of a seated girl, inspired by his eldest daughter, Georgina.
Whatever their age all the children choose their own pumpkin, Tom cuts off the lid and then they are able to scoop out the flesh from the inside and carve out individual features.
And Laeti said to them: "It is still not finished," and he began to carve once more.
This includes the book Old Time Whittling, a sharpened folding pocketknife, and the wood to carve a wooden chain and other "trick" old-time carved wooden items.
6) With the chosen wood in hand, he then begins to meditate and study it in order to reinforce and clarify within himself what he wishes to carve.