CAS3Combined Arms and Services Staff School
CAS3Casualty Actuarial Society Third Exam
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The merger of the course curriculums resulted from approval by the Secretary of the Army of the Army's plan to merge CAS3 and OACs to eliminate redundant instruction and minimize captains' time away from operational assignments and their families.
Fort Leavenworth has been conducting 7 CAS3 classes per year with about 450 students each.
Army National Guard and Army Reserve captains may continue to take CAS3 at Army Reserve Forces Schools at least until the current courses finish at the end of fiscal year 2004.
Army required all officers to attend the resident CAS3 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
The CAC exempted the JAG Corps and the Army Medical Department from the requirement to integrate CAS3 into their OES.
Judge advocates no longer receive the benefit of small group CAS3 interaction with peers from all branches.
An added benefit of CAS3 was the opportunity for students to attend the course alongside officers from other branches.
Recognizing the importance of CAS3 for judge advocates, the JAGC has developed a distance learning program designed to teach officers some of the subjects formerly covered during the course.
The course consists of an 18-week program at Fort Leonard Wood, followed by 6 weeks of TDY for CAS3 at Fort Leavenworth.
An example of one of the challenges is to evaluate the CAS3 program of instruction (POI).
CPT Matlock recently completed the Engineer Captain's Career Course and the CAS3 Course.
At the captain level, the final CAS3 course graduated on May 19.