CASACClean Air Scientific Advisory Committee
CASACCredentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor
CASACCanadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
CASACCompanies and Securities Advisory Committee (Australia)
CASACCommunity Action and Support against Crime (UK)
CASACCustody and Support Assistance Clinic (University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
CASACClub Automovilístico Santiago AC (Portuguese: Automobile Club Santiago AC; Guadalajara, Mexico)
CASACChief of the Air Staff Advisory Committee (Australia)
CASACCertified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor
CASACCentral American Small Arms Control (UN)
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Of the 26 members the EPA selected to be on the CASAC PM Panel, 24 of them have been paid or are currently being paid by the EPA a total sum in excess of $190 million.
CASAC members have a responsibility to remain impartial and must disclose financial reports and be trained in ethics to ensure impartiality.
requires the EPA Administrator to accept the recommendations of CASAC.
143) In the CASAC Report, the single enterprise principle for corporate groups was rejected.
A well-known example of this problem, during the Bush administration, was EPA's 2006 decision to reject the CASAC recommendations about the revision of the NAAQS for fine particulate matter.
These organizations, alongside CASAC, contributed to feminist antiviolence activism as part of the broader agenda of the Canadian women's movement, raising consciousness about sexual violence and demanding state action on numerous fronts, including social policy and criminal law reform (Brodie 1995; Gotell 1997).
Significantly, however, points like those of pace and SPOC that reject moral condemnations of sex work in favour of a more utilitarian perspective rarely receive due and/or direct consideration by Aboriginal groups like sis, AHF, and AWAN, or by feminist anti-violence organizations like Vancouver Rape Relief, CASAC, and others.
CASAC brought anti-violence women's groups together to figure out "how the Canadian state avoids identifying, arresting, prosecuting, convicting and properly sentencing men who commit violence against women.
CASAC (Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres) Links is a research project involving one staff member and ten callers from ten anti-rape crisis centers.
The first two factors--the Criteria Documents and CASAC advice--emphasized scientific inputs exclusively.
139) In EPA's view, these comments "did not reflect an integrative assessment of the evidence--the approach CASAC [the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee] has historically urged [the agency] to follow--but rather a piecemeal look at each individual study.
SAFHR and CASAC have also run several research and training projects on peace, conflict resolution and regional cooperation.