CASACClean Air Scientific Advisory Committee
CASACCredentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor
CASACCanadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
CASACCompanies and Securities Advisory Committee (Australia)
CASACCertified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor
CASACCentral American Small Arms Control (UN)
CASACClub Automovilístico Santiago AC (Portuguese: Automobile Club Santiago AC; Guadalajara, Mexico)
CASACCommunity Action and Support Against Crime (UK)
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Looking ahead, DePola would like to expand the services provided at the center beyond the CASAC certification.
Instead, the ALA continues to push for the lowest end of the range recommended by the CASAC.
It is the output from these integrated programs that will help set the next PM NAAQS and address issues raised by the public, industry, government, and public advisory bodies such as CASAC.
The agency also says its regulatory decisions are guided by criteria mandated by the Clean Air Act and subject to CASAC review, and that they require a balancing of public health factors including the health effects, the types of evidence, and the uncertainties of the evidence.
CASAC, asked, "How does a fish tank provide for building a climate of trust?
requires the EPA Administrator to accept the recommendations of CASAC.
CASAC criticized the 2008 recommendation of the Bush Administration of a .
Significantly, however, points like those of pace and SPOC that reject moral condemnations of sex work in favour of a more utilitarian perspective rarely receive due and/or direct consideration by Aboriginal groups like sis, AHF, and AWAN, or by feminist anti-violence organizations like Vancouver Rape Relief, CASAC, and others.
CASAC (Canadian Association of Sexual Assault Centres) Links is a research project involving one staff member and ten callers from ten anti-rape crisis centers.
The first two factors--the Criteria Documents and CASAC advice--emphasized scientific inputs exclusively.
SAFHR and CASAC have also run several research and training projects on peace, conflict resolution and regional cooperation.
This approach allowed comparisons of actual rural ozone concentrations from the data set with each of several values permissible under the various standards proposed by CASAC.