CASAPCaribbean Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals (Barbados)
CASAPCommander's Advisory System for Airspace Protection
CASAPCanadian Submarine Acquisition Program
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11 care units are equipped on the main site with a distributor by department: 1 Vacation (25 beds) Short stay 2 (23 beds) Vacation Psychogeriatrie (16 beds) Long Term Hospitalization Unit (25 beds) Unit of containing hospital (14 beds) Closed Intersectoral Unit (16 beds) Middle Living Psychogeriatrie (16 beds) Psychotic Patient Age Unit (20 beds) CASAP (9 beds) Care Unit and Resinsertion (17 beds) Diagnostic Unit Home and Orientation (4 beds) Hospitality House is equipped with 2 Specialized distributors for 65 residents.
He further said: "It is a matter of great pride for us that this year the chairmanship of CASAP is being assumed by India.