CASAREMCentral Asia/South Asia Regional Electricity Market
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CASAREM (Central Asia - South Asia Regional Electricity Market) is a concept for developing electricity trade among the countries of the two regions through a set of projects and investments.
CASAREM, Central Asian and South Asian Regional Electricity Market, is a concept of electricity trade development between countries of two regions, which realizes several projects and prorated investments guarded by institutional mechanisms and legal agreements.
As part of the CASAREM project, ADB supports a Regional Power Transmission Interconnection Project to build a 220-kilovolt twin-circuit power transmission line by 2010 from hydropower plants on the River Vakhsh in Tajikistan to the Afghan border town of Sher Khan Bandar.
Foreign Minister Kazakbaev encouraged ADB participation in several infrastructure projects and requested ADB involvement into CASAREM project on creation of Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan power market.
The four countries which have agreed to pursue the idea of CASAREM include Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan in Central Asia (intended exporters), and Afghanistan and Pakistan in South Asia (intended importers).