CASBEEComprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency (Japan)
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When asked about the importance ensuring PanaHome developments abide by sustainability indexes, Yamada said that all of the PanaHome's domestic detached houses are evaluated voluntarily by an official member of CASBEE.
Sustainability Ranking of Buildings by CASBEE Standard in Japan
Hypothetical Boundary for Building Environment Used in CASBEE Standard in Japan
As the first logistics facility to receive the highest CASBEE ranking, AMB Kasugai Distribution Center is a model of sustainable development best practices.
CASBEE is a ranking standard by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism that comprehensively assesses a building's ability to reduce environmental impact through energy conservation, resource saving, and recycling of resources, as well as its environmental quality and performance such as workspace comfort and consideration for its natural surroundings.
Sustainable rating systems around the world Countries Association Rating System Australia, Green Building Council of Green Star New Zealand Australia France Association HQE HEQ Germany German Sustainable Building GeSBC Council Japan Japan Sustainable Building CASBEE Consortium UK Building Research Establishment BREEAM U.
Remiantis BREEAM pasaulyje radosi daugelis kitu metodu: LEED (JAV), DGNB (Vokietija), TQB (Austrija), CASBEE (Japonija), HQE (Prancuzija) ir kt.
real estate market, properties with a high LEED certification are often considered to be more valuable, but there has been no indication in Japan that the CASBEE evaluation will be reflected in its market value.
To date, most sustainably-aware countries have their own energy performance certificate: BREEAM (in the UK, including Wales), DGNB (in Germany), HQE (in France), LEED (in the USA), BEAM (in Hong Kong), CASBEE (in Japan).
The screening process of over 140 systems resulted in over 40 national and international frameworks and rating methods which were further evaluated and narrowed down to six - BREEAM (UK), Green Globes (Canada), CASBEE (Japan), SBTool (International), CEPAS (Hong Kong) and LEED (USA).