CASCOMCombined Arms Support Command (US Army)
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As part of CASCOM, the US Army Transportation School (USATSCH) is helping to increase opportunities for their transportation soldiers by developing a credentialing program for all 88 series military occupational specialties-- whether a service member is separating after four years or retiring with more than 20 years.
Developing the CASCOM strategy started with the following problem statement: How does CASCOM, as the Army's sustainment think tank and premier learning institution, develop a common operational picture across the organization that integrates and synchronizes the command's efforts to support the current force and build the future force that fully supports Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and Army goals?
CASCOM is the Army's sustain-ment "think tank," where sustain-ment capabilities are developed and assessed.
CASCOM is the Training and Doctrine Command proponent for general purpose power sources from 500 watts to 200 kilowatts and writes the tactical electric power capability documents for the entire DoD.
The CASCOM commander's lead for architecture support requirements is the logistics architecture cell (LAC) located in the Enterprise Systems Directorate.
CASCOM expects that this phase of their CAS product development program will be completed in 8-10 weeks.
CASCOM is taking vigorous steps to explore how technologies can support expeditionary warfare.
Users can access the Water Planning Guide through the CASCOM Planning Data Branch website at https:// www.
The mission of the Battle Lab is to serve as the CASCOM lead for Future Force Maneuver Sustainment and force structure development by planning wargames and experiments and identifying technology enablers and insertion strategies.
Collection sources include CAS-COM's command post exercise--functional, Division West culminating training events, CASCOM Reverse Collection and Analysis Team (R--CAAT) forums, OCS surveys, key leader interviews, after action reviews, and news articles.