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CASCONClose Air Support Control
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CASCON III: Computer-Aided System for Analysis of Local Conflicts.
Agilent's standardized software interface for utility cards, introduced with the i3070 Series 5, is used to integrate the SYSTEM CASCON software.
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In just a year's time, CASCON has established itself as a must-attend event for executives in the CPG industry who want the inside track on the technologies and companies that are shaping progressive and ROI-driven solutions for trade promotions, fund, and category management," said Matthias Joneck, chief technology officer of CAS, "Our latest version of CPWerx is being unveiled at CASCON to give our customers a first-look at 4.
The new solution integrates the Xilinx hardware into GOEPEL's SYSTEM CASCON IEEE 1149.
The SFX/ASL1149-(x) controllers are supported in SYSTEM CASCON [TM] boundary scan software beginning with version 4.
The modules are supported in the Integrated JTAG/Boundary Scan Development Environment SYSTEM CASCON [TM] from version 4.
The CASCON API included in all software packages enables definition and query of boundary scan vectors from external test processes such as functional test equipment.
The new tools are integrated into SYSTEM CASCON beginning with Version 4.
Using the central database of SYSTEM CASCON, the ScanAssist Interactive Pin Toggler initializes all boundary scan structures and administers the test vectors.