CASECComputerized Assessment System for English Communication
CASECCalifornia Aquatic Science Education Consortium (University of California, Davis)
CASECChinese Association of Science, Economics and Culture (Florida)
CASECCommunity Awareness and Services for Ecological Concern, Inc. (Philippines)
CASECComponent Assessment Services for Environmental Compliance (Dionics; UK)
CASECCommunity Aid and Small Enterprises Consultancy (est. 1994; Tanzania)
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Jovenel MOISE and Prime Minister Jack Guy LAFONTANT, in order to make available to the CASECS the funds allocated to the communal sections.
The operationalization of this promise of motorcycles of President Jovenel MOISE to the CASECs, concretized in less than three months, testifies our will to act quickly, but also, it for an effective decentralization and the reinforcement of the territorial collectivities ", concluded the Minister of the Interior, Max Rudolph SAINT-ALBIN.
Five departments were already officially covered from 9 to 12 March 2018, as part of this distribution and the CASECs that could not get their motorcycle the same day, received vouchers allowing them to remove a motorcycle from dealers at the same level.