CASETACenter for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art
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Men and women, formal and flamboyant in traditional dress and folk costumes, ride high-stepping Arabian and Andalusian mounts through the grounds, pausing occasionally in front of casetas to wait for someone to emerge with glasses of wine or beer, with compliments and conversation.
Smith, ATSI's chairman and CEO, stated, "The value of ATSI's expansive distribution of public payphones and casetas throughout Mexico is continuing to open new doors of opportunity.
Simply put, we own the telephones and casetas that AT&T wants its customers to have access to.
The INP system will be installed in Mexico City and will be used by ATSI for processing calls generated by its public phones, casetas and by its calling card products.
Through its acquisition of Computel, ATSI now operates 134 casetas (public calling stations) in 72 cities throughout Mexico.