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CASEVACCasualty Evacuation
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The range of casualty transport from hardest and least practical to easiest and best is the one-man carry, two-man carry, improvised litters, specialized equipment (litters, SKEDCO, Israeli litters), mission vehicles, CASEVAC asset, and MEDEVAC asset.
Similarly, AAF and SMW missions such as pilot training, mobility, CASEVAC, light attack, and air support for special missions would falter.
Tribalco, LLC was awarded the contract for the TCCC CASEVAC Program, # H92222-10-D-0023.
Many successful BN TFs use the BN CSM as a key element for CSS operations specifically focusing on CASEVAC.
Company command post (CP) practiced at planning and controlling CASEVAC (casualty evacuation) and detainee operations.
When the call came over the radio, the TF medics were too far away from the fight to provide a rapid response, so the TF Battle Force commander asked for someone to volunteer for the CASEVAC.
However, poor isolation before the first fire team steps foot in a village will undoubtedly reward the assaulting unit with a CASEVAC validation exercise.
Also, task force rehearsals included hasty and deliberate attack, withdrawal plans, CASEVAC plans, and indirect fire plans.
Rehearse time-phasing the ground CASEVAC route clearance to helicopter landing zones and ambulance exchange points.
If I had done a better recon with the objective imagery for CASEVAC LZs, then I would not have had to move so far.
The greatest resolution for resource requirements is where the rubber meets the road, and the responsibility for anticipating things such as detainee movement support, supply class requirements and status, CASEVAC possibilities, and impacts from the weather over the long term, all fall squarely on the shoulders of the company commander.
Two other trucks were responsible for the rear security and provided the immediate CASEVAC platform.