CASFCanadian Association of Specialty Foods
CASFCambodian Arts and Scholarship Foundation
CASFCentral Arkansas Sport Flyers
CASFContingency Aeromedical Staging Facility
CASFClinical Associate Staff Fellow (US NIH)
CASFConstruction Association of South Florida
CASFComposite Air Strike Force
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By sharing his knowledge and experience, Cory hopes to encourage members of CASF to adopt BIM universally, as well as share the innovative BIM technology provided by Autodesk and services provided by Autodesk Platinum Partner, Advanced Solutions, Inc.
The CASF is one of many State programs designed to support the delivery of broadband services to unserved and underserved areas.
Topanol CASF is new from Zeneca; Lowinox 22 is from Great Lakes.
Senate Bill 1040 (2010), which expanded the CASF to add a revolving loan program for broadband infrastructure and grants for urban and rural consortia working to develop broadband projects;
The wartime mission involves caring for patients in the CASF, preparing them for transport to a health-care facility out of theater.
Mike Myers, were instrumental in moving the CASF walls," said Dileo.
CASF is a non-profit organization whose members are from all aspects of South Florida's construction industry.