CASGCollaborative Antiviral Study Group
CASGCapability Acquisition & Sustainment Group (Australia)
CASGCommercial Activities Study Guide (DA PAM 5-20)
CASGComputer Audit Specialist Group (British Computer Society; UK)
CASGCoordinamento Assistenti Sociali Giustizia (Italian: Coordination Assistants Social Justice)
CASGCarleton Academic Student Government (Canada)
CASGCanadian Apheresis Study Group (plasma exchange)
CASGCivil Aviation Safety Group (UK)
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assessments were not performed in 38% of subjects in the CASG 103 study This substantial attrition renders the primary protocol end point less interpretable," they noted.
In the second trial, CASG 104, 29 babies with neonatal skin, eye, or mouth HSV were randomly assigned to receive 6 months of oral acyclovir or matching placebo after first undergoing a standard 14-day course of parenteral acyclovir.
CASG has also published a booklet for customers considering these custom installations: "Twelve Steps to Successful Automated Manufacturing Systems.
As part of Sikorsky's efforts to sell up to twelve new S-92 Helicopters to the Portuguese Air Force, CASG is playing a key support role for Sikorsky by offering a program to establish a co-production and support operation in Portugal for the Monitor Jet as part of the Sikorsky Industrial Benefits (offset) package.
The documented savings we have helped achieve in the US is indicative of the kind of savings we expect the model to deliver for CASG.