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CASLChartered Advisor for Senior Living
CASLCapital Area Soccer League (Raleigh, NC)
CASLCapital Area Soccer League (Harrisburg, PA)
CASLCompact Application Solution Language (Feras Information Technologies)
CASLCrosstalk Application Scripting Language
CASLChattanooga Area Swim League
CASLCalifornia Amateur Skateboard League
CASLCalifornia Association of Student Leaders
CASLCenter for Applied Strategic Learning (National Defense University; Washington, DC; US DoD)
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CASL regulates all commercial electronic messages accessed within Canada, and so will affect franchisees and franchisors equally.
Therefore, the soonest CASL could go into effect is fall 2012, but early 2013 is more likely.
So, one of the keys to CASL, as it were, is its "extra-territorial effect," a term Kratz used.
In addition to his previously earned designations, Michael is working toward his CASL.
CASL and FSI will jointly consolidate the conference materials to identify best practices for teaching Vietnamese to English speakers.
In the early 1990s she was the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP) officer and in 2000 was the manager of the CASL Consortium.
One of the pillars of the CASL language program is a battery of aptitude tests that will predict a person's native ability to achieve proficiency in foreign languages.
However, researchers such as Don Deshler, Jean Schumacher, Joe Torgesen, Ed Kame'enui, Frank Vellutino, Sharon Vaughn, Lee Swanson, Barbara Foorman and others, including us at CASL, have provided evidence of the usefulness of this model across a range of instructional areas.
Following an easy win over a local college select on Tuesday, Dundee face stronger opposition in CASL Elite tonight.
With his performance at his last CASL competition, Taylor qualified for the Vans Warped Tour.
The opening of the new Hong Kong International Airport (see Great Expectations on page 16) saw two of the airport's major franchisees, PAPAS and CASL, order a total of 14 aircraft towing tractors from German manufacturer, Schopf.