CASNCanadian Association of Schools of Nursing (Ontario, Canada)
CASNCareer Academy Support Network (University of California, Berkeley)
CASNChildhood Agricultural Safety Network (Wisconsin)
CASNColorado Association of School Nurses (Windsor, CO)
CASNChemical Abstract Service (Registration) Number
CASNCharlotte Area Science Network (Charlotte, NC)
CASNChina AIDS Solidarity Network (international coalition)
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CASN is an affiliate of the National Association of School Nurses, which enhances the available services of CASN members.
CASN is excited to join with the Colorado Nurse's Association.
CASN takes a "tough love" approach, stating that it is never okay for a child younger than 12 years old to be on a tractor.
CASN is taking the position of advocate for the child on the farm.
CASN is hoping that the message--to keep children off tractors--will make people think of the consequences and realize that it is in the child's best interests to follow this simple rule.
The CASN Accreditation Bureau recognises the strengths of your educational unit and educational programmes," writes CASN in a letter to UCQ.
We use a similar notion to classify a mild and a harsh environment and suggest that the type of environment a CASN evolves in will affect the stability of the network topology over time.
T]=high) statistically significant changes in topology occurred at the beginning stages of CASN evolution (time periods T1-T3).
From a CASN point of view a more certain decision environment has emerged over time for the incumbent firms in this supply network.
Specifically, it is suggested that the knowledge of the type of environment a CASN operates in could be crucial for a decision maker.
The type of environment in which a CASN evolves, has different short run dynamics.