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CASPIANConsumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering
CASPIANCommercially Available System Promoting Integration Across NATS (National Air Traffic Services Ltd.; UK)
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Besides, the FM noted that the Caspian Sea problem touches upon, first of all, the territorial issues the settlement of which will expand prospects for the mutual benefit cooperation of the Caspian littoral states in the most important sectors of economy.
Topaz enjoys a market-leading position in the Caspian Sea and has been awarded consistent contract extensions with BP.
Mention of construction of a trans-Caspian pipeline, be it to carry oil or gas, is likely to rile both Russia and Iran, the two Caspian littoral states that have objected to any subsea pipelines on environmental grounds and have the most to lose in terms of economic leverage, transit tariffs, and political influence over east Caspian producers in any direct pipeline link across the sea.
We also have 100 runners-up prizes, including action figures of your favourite characters, drinking glasses and cool Caspian pen sets.
While Aghai provides a general overview of the complications surrounding the role of the Caspian Sea, his country-based framework overlooks the intricacies involved in the debate over issues of ownership.
Landings at Caspian Point will provide aesthetic and economic enhancements that will benefit the entire area.
In addition to protecting the oil of the Gulf, Centcom forces have also assumed responsibility for the protection of energy supplies in Central Asia and the Caspian region.
Weeks earlier the Turkmen government recalled its five-member embassy from Baku because of a dispute over ownership of three Caspian oilfields.
The development of oil and gas deposits in the Caspian region, particularly oil rich Western Kazakhstan, and the infrastructure to transport it to market, has been the focus for U.
To ensure this level of service, Caspian mandated a data management solution that was lightweight and scalable enough to fit on existing switch-based hardware, while also providing carrier-grade levels of reliability and availability.
Clawson already explicitly, indeed brutally, lays out the groundwork in his two page foreword: The Caspian Sea region is a world-class oil area with complex econo- and geo-strategic conflicts of interest and corresponding competing policies among surrounding states and the West, particularly the United States.
How far does the energy resource potential of the Caspian basin represent a major challenge to the supremacy of the Arab Gulf?