CASPOClimate, Atmospheric Science and Physical Oceanography (division; University of California San Diego)
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The effect of CASPO was to eliminate clearcutting and the harvesting of old growth and other large trees in adjacent national forests for the foreseeable future.
To adopt the CASPO recommendations as management policy, the agency followed the planning and public participation requirements of NFMA and NEPA.
The CASPO decision restricted harvesting in spotted owl habitat to trees less than 30 inches in diameter.
The CASPO inspired policies introduced in 1993 were the result.
The CASPO decision and its aftermath created an opportunity to build a consensus for new methods of resource conservation and management.
In Quincy, even before the CASPO decision was announced, three individuals representing different sides of the debate began discussions to determine whether there were aspects of resource management and forest conservation upon which they could agree.