CASPODContamination Avoidance of Sea Ports of Debarkation
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The presence of CASPOD at seaports is a daunting reminder that, in such an event, the equipment is ready to detect any chemical or biological attack.
In 2001, after years of development, the CASPOD ACTD was proposed to U.
The CASPOD program arrived in Kuwait in September 2005.
The port and equipment would be cleansed through the various CASPOD equipment and solutions.
The CASPOD ACTD will remain at the port until the Army replaces it within its own inventory, or decides to replace this package years down the road," he explained.
The port of Ash Shuaiba serves as an example for the CASPOD ACTD and the future of port security.
Recently, Sue Payton, deputy under Secretary of Defense for Advanced Systems and Concepts and the acting director of Defense Research and Engineering, visited the Soldiers at the port to see first hand how mission essential the CASPOD ACTD is to troops and ports.