CASPRCloud and Surface Parameter Retrieval (data retrevial and analysis)
CASPRCanadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (Ontario, Canada)
CASPRCommonly Accepted Security Practices and Recommendations
CASPRCenter for the Advanced Study of Photonics Research (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
CASPRCentral Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research
CASPRCamarillo Society for Paranormal Research (California)
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This fluid method of review and revision is the CASPR Project's answer to the continuously changing field of information security," Johnston said.
Once a critical mass of issue papers has been developed and reviewed, the CASPR Project will pursue print publication.
More information about the CASPR Project is available at www.
To get to that final goal, CASPR Project members have formed work groups covering issues such as operating systems, access control and authentication, InfoSec awareness, and computer forensics.
To obtain copies of the papers and to learn more about the CASPR Project, visit SM Online (at www.
Our relationship with CASPR reflects our desire to respond to the needs of our customers," explained Hank Riner, President and CEO of UMI.
The combination of CASPR's OpenShelf software interface and UMI's Resource/One Full Text database provides an excellent research tool for the high school and small library market," said Norman Kline, CASPR President and CEO.