CASPRCloud and Surface Parameter Retrieval (data retrevial and analysis)
CASPRCanadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (Ontario, Canada)
CASPRCommonly Accepted Security Practices and Recommendations
CASPRCenter for the Advanced Study of Photonics Research (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
CASPRCentral Arkansas Society for Paranormal Research
CASPRCamarillo Society for Paranormal Research (California)
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CASPR has placed its own copies of the Library of Congress collection on the LibraryWire network so catalog records can be moved easily to local collections.
The CASPR initiative began in April with 35 participants and by mid-June had grown to more than 80.
Johnston, one of the founders of CASPR and a security advisor for Web and e-commerce security company Cogentric, Inc.
CASPR now provides free MARC record downloading through its LibraryCom web service.
Lastly, for libraries based on the Macintosh platform, CASPR, Inc.
The service first began as a basic catalog and circulation system, but the way we continue to add features, it won't be long until LibraryCom starts competing with systems costing thousands of dollars," said Norman Kline, president of CASPR.
CASPR Library Systems, introduces LibraryCom, the first complete Internet library web hosting and directory system.
This version is important because now a library can merge links to Web sites and other Internet sources directly into their own online collections," said Norman Kline, president and CEO of CASPR Library Systems, Inc.
CASPR Library Systems released LibraryNet 98, a Web Server add-on program, which allows a library to publish their collection on a local network or the World Wide Web so that any standard Internet browser program can search it.
TLC subsequently announced that it has entered into a partnership with CASPR Library Systems to license CASPR's LibraryCom.
In another development, TLC announced that it has entered into a partnership with CASPR Library Systems, Inc.