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CASRCalcium-Sensing Receptor
CASRCivil Aviation Safety Regulations
CASRCanadian American Strategic Review
CASRCentre for Automotive Safety Research (University of Adelaide; Australia)
CASRCost And Schedule Reporting
CASRConsolidated Asset Status Reports
CASRCorrective Action Summary Report
CASRCost Accounting Standards Regulations
CASRContainerized Airport Surveillance Radar
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Their assessment stated, with respect to research-related activities, that the Faculty of Social Work ranks among the best in the following areas: quality, commitment, and research productivity of its faculty; quality of its doctoral program; the presence of CASR as a vehicle to bring research support resources to faculty; and the presence of research and practice partnerships with other disciplines and with human services agencies in the greater Toronto area (Rowe & Videka-Sherman, 1999).
With the revision the government harmonizes the ministerial decisions of KM 81/ 2004 with KM 22/ 2002 on Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) 121 and KM 17/ 2003 CASR 135.
The certification, granted under CASR Part 173, authorizes Jeppesen to create Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures such as Required Navigation Performance (RNP) Special Aircraft and Aircrew Authorization Required (SAAAR) as well as conventional VOR, ILS and RNAV procedures.
CASR has suggested expanding the NATO leasing arrangement instead, with two aircraft based in Canada, and upgrading the available flying time, with the aircraft available for moving large cargo to the Arctic and other civilian duties when not used by the military (CASR 2006b).
Wescam's Government Systems Division supplies its precision stabilized electro-optic surveillance systems to the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance & Communications (ISR&C) market, including maritime patrol aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, targeting, surveillance, force protection and CASR (combat, search and rescue).
CASR representatives will conduct the Internet safety seminars, which will focus on biblical solutions to challenges created by the Internet and on practical ways of protecting families and individuals.
When high calcium levels activate the CaSRs in the thick ascending loop of Henle, sodium chloride reabsorption at this site is inhibited, causing diuresis and increasing renal calcium excretion (i.