CASREPCasualty Report
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The CASREP is the Navy's Casualty Report that provides commanders the status of all mission-critical parts that are on backorder.
Ship Repair Facility and Japan Regional Maintenance Center, Yokosuka, Japan (SRF--JRMC) via monthly COMNAVSURFPAC Drumbeat teleconferences, semiannual Sustainment Summits in Yokosuka and Singapore, INSURV preparations/inspections, and Fleet commander oversight and advocacy of high priority C-3/4 CASREP material requisition expediting and forward stock positioning.
Regardless, both CASREP avoidance and quick resolution are imperative for our ships to be combat ready.
Robert Gonzales said, "The CLO's visibility of the CLF inventory has brought us some big wins, including being able to source a large lube oil requirement from one T-AO that was crossdecked to a T-AKE to avoid a CASREP on one of our Amphibs.
One section, which stands out in my memory, developed and maintained a Casualty Reporting (CASREP) system, which received CASREPs from fleet units and fed valuable casualty and equipment failure data into SPCC, the Maintenance Support Office, and BUSHIPS.
During the past five years, the supply related set of indicators for surface mine force readiness trended poorly in reduced mission operational availability, increased CASREP durations due to non-availability of parts, and over-reliance on part cannibalizations
At the nightly OPS/INTEL brief, I present slides that display the status of outstanding CASREP part requisitions, complete with estimated shipping dates and dates of arrival.
To document the deficiency, Lake Champlain released a CASREP in November 2008 discussing the combat system degradation and identifying the required repair part components.
In coordination with C7F, CTF 515, FISC, PACFLT and others, CFWP works everything from moving shipments of blood to expediting surface CASREP parts for units actively engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom--Philippines.
SK2 (SW/AW) Wady Almanzar, USN, (Gold Star in Lieu of Fourth Award), CASREP Expeditor and Level I Product Quality Deficiency Report (PQDR) Technical Analyst, Naval Inventory Control Point, Mechanicsburg, Pa.
So like I said, we took more of a holistic approach and we look at more than just the reporting of CASREPs [casualty reports].
Navy Sailors and Sailors of foreign Navies correct CASREPs, complete maintenance, and perhaps most importantly, receive a long awaited package from their families.