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CASUConseiller d'Administration Scolaire et Universitaire (French: School and University Administration Advisor)
CASUCooperative Administrative Support Unit (GSA)
CASUCarrier Aircraft Service Unit (USN)
CASUCambridge Astronomical Survey Unit (UK)
CASUCombat Aircraft Service Unit (US DoD)
CASUClient Advisory Services Unit (Oregon Health Plan)
CASUCentrale d'Appels Sanitaires Urgents (Geneva, Switzerland medical emergencies call center)
CASUCollege of Arts Student Union (University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada)
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For example, see studies examining efficiency in the banking industry by Byrnes and Freeman (1999), Casu and Molyneux (2003), Luo (2003), and Hartman et al.
56) In casu the plaintiff had been detained in the Randburg Magistrates Court holding cells.
If we are to accept the Majority's conclusion based solely on the finding of dependence, as it is in casu, without requiring that such assistance be specifically directed to the assistance of crimes, then all military and political leaders, who on the basis of circumstantial evidence are found to provide logistical assistance to a foreign army dependent on such assistance, can meet the objective element of aiding and abetting.
From the R&D Management inside: scientists' own experience of good (and bad) management 2006 Casu & Evaluating cost OMEGA- Thanassoulis.
From this perspective Sweeney is able to confront the question of how to account for the fact that the Anselmian corpus shows both a conspicuous variety of literary genres and a unity of purpose: letter writing, prayers, grammatical/logical treatises (De grammatico), philosophical discussions of truth, will, and evil (De veritate, De libertate arbitrii, De casu diaboli), and hybrid works such as Monologion, Proslogion, and Cur deus homo whose tenor is deeply devotional while relentless argumentation is continuous.
to enhance diffusion of technology, environmental technologies in casu.
E si insinua il dubbio che se il richiamo ha funzionato per una figura di stormi in volo: grues, primoque volatu / effingunt varias casu monstrante figuras; /.
The Newcastle United fan has also appeared in Extreme Fishing with Robson Green and Casu alty
138) Nonetheless, SPS measures still must meet the "sufficiency" criterion (139) by demonstrating "the existence of a sufficient or adequate relationship between two elements, in casu, between the SPS measure and the scientific evidence.
Casu, Thanassoulis (2006) evaluated cost efficiency in UK university central administration.