CASVContemporary Art Society of Vancouver (est. 1977; Canada)
CASVClear Advanced Super View (computer product feature)
CASVCoalition against Sexual Violence (Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
CASVCentre against Sexual Violence (Queensland, Australia)
CASVCycling Association of Star Valley (Thayne, WY)
CASVCooperstown All-Star Village
CASVCanadian Association of Swine Veterinarians (est. 2003)
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rodents appear to be the principal reservoirs for most Andes viruses, including CASV (12,15); no reservoir has been associated with TUNV.
Similar amino acid identities were observed with CASV (95.
htm); formed a clade with ARAV, MACV, PRGV, and other ANDV strains; and formed a subclade with CASV (Figure 2).
We observed [approximately equal to] 11% and 17% divergence at the nucleotide level for the S segment and M segment, respectively, in comparison with CASV.
Partial N gene nucleotide sequences ([approximately equal to] 400 nt; nucleotide position from 30-450 related to the CASV N gene sequence; GenBank accession no.
After its isolation in 1995 from 1 patient with HPS in the Castelo dos Sonhos district of Altamira in southeast Para State, CASV has only occasionally been detected in Para and neighboring Mato Grosso states in Brazil's Amazon region.
Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis indicated those rodents were infected by CASV, suggesting this species of pygmy rice rat as a potential host of CASV.