CASWCouncil for the Advancement of Science Writing
CASWCanadian Association of Social Workers
CASWChoral Arts Society of Washington (Washington, DC)
CASWCanadian Agricultural Safety Week
CASWContemporary Art Society for Wales
CASWcontamination of air, soil and water
CASWChildren's Arts and Sciences Workshop, Inc.
CASWCommunity Administrative Support Worker
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CASW represents more than 17,000 social workers and calls for accountability to commitments that alleviate poverty and that improve the lives of all children in Canada.
In both NASW (2000) and CASW (1994) codes, statements on social workers' ethical responsibilities to the broader society are separated from the research endeavor and are outlined in a distinct section that focuses on advocacy, lobbying, and other forms of social action.
African Canadian women are in double jeopardy in terms of income," says Veronica Marsman, president of CASW.
The purchased work will enter the CASW collection for subsequent distribution to a public gallery in Wales.
com, Sentaike, Shendun, DSTGPS, Huaqiang, Tongyong, BKSINCERE, Clarion, Topcon, ICOM, Alpine Electronics, Denso, Kenwood, Go2Map, Beijing Lingtu Software, Beijing Navinfo, Shanghai Changxiang, BEIJING CASW DATA TECHNOLOGY CO.
What that really means is the CASW is capable of hitting more targets with less training, day or night, because it more or less operates you instead of the other way around.
Provincial Center for Remote Sensing of Shanxi Qinhuangdao CASW Data Technology Co.
Other weapons system manufacturers have not been pleased with the possibility that Canada might limit the TAPV remote weapon station acquisition to the CASW.
So, although the CASW project has been moving along slowly, Burton said there are real bona fide reasons why it was repeatedly put on the back shelf.
While 40mm AGLs have been in service around the world since the Vietnam War, the CASW that Canada wishes to purchase will include a high-tech fire control system, laser range-finders, thermal imagery sights and a programmable airburst capability.