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CATBCathedral and the Bazaar (Eric S. Raymond essay)
CATBCooperative Avionics Test Bed
CATBCharlie and the Bhoys (Celtic band)
CATBCombat Aviation Training Brigade
CATBCombat Arms Training Board
CATBCombined Arms Test Bed
CATBCombined Arms Training Board
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From the pavement to the arena, CATB are more than just fantastic musicians - they are seasoned performers.
Today's flight caps what has been a significant technical challenge," said John Wall, BAE Systems CATB program director in Mojave, where the work was performed.
After conclusion of some additional modification work, and the initial flight test phase, the B-737 CATB will transition to its home base and begin test operations at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, Texas.
Joint STARS detected and relayed the information via a real-time data link to the JSF CATB avionics system.
In the second scenario, Joint STARS detected the high-value moving targets at long range and relayed the target location to JSF CATB.
The Lockheed Martin JSF team plans approximately 50 flights and 150 flight hours in the CATB this spring and summer.
The BAC 1-11 CATB continues to be a very cost-effective test platform," said David J.