CATCOCalgary Alternative Transportation Co-Operative (Canada)
CATCOCat Assistance Team of Central Ohio (est. 2003)
CATCOChief, Air Traffic Control Operations
CATCOCaribbean Agricultural Trading Company Limited
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The CATCO transaction provides us with an exciting growth opportunity.
Acquiring parts distributors who also have repair and maintenance operations, such as CATCO, will continue to be an integral part of our growth strategy," said W.
CATCO, with its low, ground-baring pressure, would have no problem operating over the soft tundra.
Due to some of the remote locations," he said, "the CATCO units will provide access without the construction of ice or gravel roads, which could become very expensive and time sensitive.
CATCOs might be described as gentle yellow giants; with eight big, soft paws that love the environment, they might also be de scribed as the ultimate all-terrain vehicles or rollagons.
CATCOs are employed to transport extremely heavy equipment, materials, water and personnel.
CATCOs come in two versions (RD 85 and RD 105); they are identical except that the RD 105 has a fifth set of tires installed under its cargo dock.
Dubbed land barges because of their uncommonly large carrying capacities, CATCOs have been around for several decades.
He said, "By its ability to work in the remote roadless areas of the Arctic, CATCOs allow for exploration in environmentally sensitive areas without the concerns of weather and terrain.
Another advantage of using CATCOs on the North Slope is the navigation equipment installed on each vehicle.
Even when drilling rigs are in place and operating, CATCOs still have a mission, according to William Kuper, Crowley's general manager at the North Slope.
Peterson credits the oil industry for adopting many innovations, such as the ice roads and CATCO technology, all of which are intentionally designed to have minimal impact on a quite remarkable Arctic environment.