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Presentation made at the Asian Development Bank Renewable Energy and Efficiency Workshop, CATD, Nadave, Fiji, 20-24 February 2006.
Gohari argued that neither the common law conditional privilege nor the reference immunity applied because CATD was not a prospective employer.
Because CATD was a prospective franchisor rather than a prospective employer, the statements by Darvish "[did] not fall within the letter of this statutory protection.
Like its sister division, CATD was stung by volatile foreign exchange rates.
The STT and CATD are exploring the possibility of implementing XML technology to enhance document production efficiency.
CATD, a fully-supported single seller asset-backed commercial paper program, is sponsored by the Cooperative Association of Tractor Dealers, Inc.
The breach resulted from the application of CATD series B proceeds to pay fees and expenses of the programs, representing less than 0.
The CP issued by CATD continues to be fully collateralized by dealer loans in addition to approximately $730,698 in cash accounts.
As the pharmaceutical industry's CATD pioneer, Pharsight has completed these two acquisitions to further strengthen its technology base and organization," said Art Reidel, co-founder, president and CEO of Pharsight Corporation.
The AAPS meeting, focusing on "Revolution in Pharmaceutical Research", will feature MGA's ACSL BioMed software in a session, "Virtual Drug Trials Through the Use of CATD Tools" presented by Dr.
Use of CATD software tools help support a pharmaceutical company's submittal by simulating the trial's protocol on hundreds or even thousands of patients.
Pharsight pioneered the field of CATD to accelerate the clinical trials process -- the longest and most costly phase of drug development.