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Watch the "Breath of Fresh Air" music video produce by Kevin "Khao" Cates for Republican Presidential Candidate Dr.
An opportunity presented itself last spring; Cates was given the chance to work with HMC as a guest conductor for last spring's concert, I am Harvey Milk.
Eldridge and Cates have been partners since the founding of ReelWorks Studios in 2009 and have collaborated on the production of several feature films, such as The Ultimate Gift (2006), Trinity Goodheart (2011), The Shunning (2011), The Confession (2013) and The Ultimate Life (2013), among others.
Cates called the four-part mini-series -- out Wednesday and illustrated by artist Geoff Shaw and colored by Lauren Affe -- a sobering look at the relationship between power and addiction and "the very real consequences of both'' on a person and his livelihood.
There's much uncertainty out there, and I'm seeing people expanding on their purchases of the last four years," Cates said, pointing out that many of those firearms were just stored away by consumers.
Cates, 64, has dropped 40 percent of the 575 pounds she weighed around the time "Gilbert Grape" was released in 1993.
Selling Juanita's, which he has coowned with Jim O'Brien for about two years, would allow him to pursue another undisclosed venture, Cates said.
Cates collapsed on the UCLA campus on Monday evening.
David De Gea's rival for the jersey, Anders Lindegaard, had just played well and Cates, in a totally reasonable tone, suggested this gave Fergie a nice selection headache for the next game, which prompted him to accuse Cates of "looking for stupid little things".
Twenty-odd years after Dalglish interrupted a Fergie TV interview to bark that his six-week-old daughter spoke more sense, Cates said to Fergie the polished performance of Anders Lindegaard against Benfica had put De Gea's place in jeopardy.
Mr Armel Cates, a non-executive director of the Corporation
Bill Cates is the president of Referral Coach International and author of "Get More Referrals Now