CATEXCategorical Exclusion
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CATEX operates the CATEX Global Exchange, a Web-based reinsurance marketplace, and develops and licenses the Pivot Point Reinsurance & Insurance Transaction System for the global reinsurance and insurance industry.
Al Blanton, President of Acordia RE, commented, "The CATEX Pivot Point system will provide Acordia RE with state-of-the-art capabilities necessary to meet the servicing and reporting expectations of all reinsurance buyers in today's competitive business environment.
CATEX has customized both operations to deploy Spanish, Portuguese and English as needed throughout the respective systems to meet the needs of local users.
Accordingly, the Corps can determine a CATEX applies, and no EA or EIS
Our unique capability to simplify the complex process of bringing buyers and sellers together online is vital to helping digital marketplaces such as CATEX build liquidity faster than ever thought possible.
Tradeum, an infrastructure marketplace provider for business-to-business and financial exchanges on the Internet, today announced CATEX, the online center for reinsurance risk trading, as a customer.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- CATEX announced today that Cooper Gay & Cashman (CGC), a new US reinsurance broker, jointly owned by the London-based Cooper Gay Group, Michael W.
27, 1997--IVANS and CATEX have joined forces to offer a combined electronic commerce solution that facilitates the online exchange of international risks.
April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- CATEX announced today that JLT Risk Solutions (Bermuda) Ltd.
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Frank Fortunato, CEO of CATEX said, "Oxygen's choice of the Pivot Point Commercial Lines System is very important.