CATFcommander, amphibious task force (US DoD)
CATFClean Air Task Force
CATFCentre for Alternative Transportation Fuels
CATFColumbus AIDS Task Force
CATFContemporary American Theater Festival
CATFChina Air Task Force (replaced Flying Tigers, 1942)
CATFChemical Action Task Force
CATFCitizens Advisory Task Force
CATFCombined Amphibious Task Force
CATFCartilage-derived Anti-Tumor Factor
CATFCompetitive Agricultural Technology Funds
CATFCoastal Agenda Task Force (India)
CATFCapitol Area Training Foundation
CATFChildhood Asthma Task Force
CATFConfiscated Assets Trust Fund (Australia)
CATFCasualty Actuarial Task Force
CATFConsumer Advisory Task Force
CATFCentral Approval Task Force
CATFCommunity Awareness Task Force Inc.
CATFCaribbean Action Task Force
CATFCollection Assessment Task Force
CATFCentral American Timber Fund (Luxembourg)
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Ellen Baum is one of the scientists with CATF who has worked with the issues surrounding the Arctic for the past five years.
CATF is a nonprofit organization that focus on scientific research leads to a healthy environment.
Study authors include scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, as well as private power developers and experts from CATF.
The CATF study calls for a more innovative approach to federal policy to advance low carbon coal.
Contact: Conrad Schneider, CATF, phone 202-558-3527, website http://www.
CATF noted that the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) emissions standards for new diesel engines will take more than a quarter century to become fully effective and do not apply to the 13 million diesel engines in use today.
This is exactly the type of cooperation that will be necessary to limit global carbon emissions," said Jonathan Lewis, an attorney and climate specialist for CATF.
Beijing- and US-based CATF staff facilitated contacts between Duke and Huaneng, as part of CATF effort to accelerate commercialization of low-carbon electricity generation technologies.
He is studying how the digitization of weapons systems, the introduction or modification of new equipment and the implementation process at the CATF will allow real infovalidation the LATTA in order effectively counter the proliferating threats posed by such slow aircraft and minidrones.
According to CATF, reducing PM emissions by half before 2010, and by 85 percent before 2020, could save nearly 100,000 lives by the year 2030.
CATF found the nationwide average lifetime cancer risk posed by diesel exhaust to be 365 times greater than EPA's "acceptable" level of one cancer in a million and over eight times higher than the risk of the 133 air toxics tracked by EPA combined.
Contract notice for Equipment KBAY pedagogical institutions of academic cities CATF.