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CATHODEComputer Algebra Tools for Handling Ordinary Differential Equations
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In 1997, researchers at the University of Texas in Austin propose a new cathode material, lithium iron phosphate, which is cheaper and safer than lithium cobalt oxide.
The Litetronics Micro-Brite is the industry's first dimmable 15-watt cold cathode light bulb.
In addition, to provide the broadest cathode materials product portfolio in the industry, Toda Kogyo and BASF would also be merging their respective CAM businesses, intellectual property and production assets in Japan.
Not only is water needed at the anode to react with methanol, but also the fuel cell makes water at the cathode.
3M currently offers three cathode products: BC-618, BC-718 and BC-723.
Manganese oxyiodide is made in a low-temperature, solution-based process that offers advantages over the high-temperature processes used to produce other cathode materials, Manthiram asserts.
We are pleased that all of the suits related to our battery cathode patents are now settled and that the industry has recognized 3M's patent rights and the value of 3M's advanced cathode materials," said Nagraj Koneripalli, business manager, 3M Electronics.
Knisely says that understanding the virtual cathode and anode may allow researchers to find better ways to lengthen that refractory period.
In the lab, and later in field tests, Roy Butterfield and his graduate students demonstrated that by making a metal pile into a cathode, they could cut by two-thirds the effort needed to drive the pile into soil.
Rather than using inorganic cathode materials as do most lithium-battery makers, Lutgard C.
Sony Corporation and 3M have reached a global settlement regarding a lithium ion battery cathode patent dispute filed in March 2007 against Sony and other companies in the Minnesota District Court and United States International Trade Commission.