CATIComputer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing
CATIComputer-Aided Telephone Interviewing
CATICalifornia Agricultural Technology Institute
CATICenter for Advanced Technology & Innovation
CATICarolina Association of Translators & Interpreters
CATICentre Académique de Traitement de l'Information (French: Academic Center for Information Processing)
CATICyprus Association of Translators and Interpreters (Cyprus)
CATICommunity Accountability and Transparency Initiative
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Meanwhile, CATI has vowed to appeal, all the way to the European court if needs be.
WireWorks in their portfolio, which enables truly integrated mechanical, electrical, and fluid design, CATI can now offer its customers an electrical/fluid design solution to replace outdated technologies that are currently used by their customers.
The next best move was to rent additional space and move the CATI department, lock stock and barrel.
and continuing growth in the demand for both multi-lingual CATI engagements and
Some jurisdictions investigate outbreaks by using CATI interviews of controls sampled from a bank of potential study participants (3).
The Hours at Work CATI is an interactive system in which multiple users can access a mainframe computer data base using IBM 3270 terminals.
Integrated with all major CATI providers, it can run many CATI systems at once, delivering versatility and reducing costs.
Headquartered in Daleville, Alabama, CATI specializes in delivering advanced visual image generation systems and high fidelity visual simulation terrain databases for the simulators used to train civil, commercial and military pilots.
The interviews themselves can take full advantage of the extensive logic capabilities and the ability to combine pre-existing information with survey answers in The Survey System's CATI software.
CATI systems facilitate telephone survey administration, provide sophisticated record management, and allow close monitoring of study progress.
CATI has been able to adapt to the challenges of a changing economy, allowing them to grow and succeed in today's market.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- New studies conducted in China show strong similarities in data collected online and through CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing), according to Survey Sampling International (SSI).