CATICChina National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation
CATICCalifornia Anti-Terrorism Information Center
CATICConnecticut Attorneys Title Insurance Company
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The latest aircraft the PAC and its Chinese partner, CATIC, have jointly developed is what Tanveer describes as 'the pride of Pakistan': the JF-17 Thunder multi-role light fighter.
Last month, Sri Lanka annulled a $500 million investment deal with CATIC after it refused to sell the beach front land outright to the state-run Chinese conglomerate as agreed earlier.
Gudmundsson, Managing Director IceStat states, "Under the CATIC framework, solutions are selected based on how well they fit into the master marketing plan, which applies to all solutions incorporated into the framework.
147) CATIC did not at first agree to fully divest itself of MAMCO.
With a broad definition of terrorism, CATIC set about pigeonholing and ranking possible targets.
The timing of this agreement with CATIC could not be better," said Steve Carroll, Technical Director of Gametrac Europe Ltd.
The Chinese military has operated a light UAV system and a target drone for the past 10 years, both produced by CATIC, said Ying.
Last Spring the CATIC system posted information about antiwar protesters gathering in the port of Oakland, California.
Under these kinds of definitions, the California Anti-Terrorism Information Center (CATIC) considered causing a traffic jam alarming enough to send a warning to the Oakland Police Department about an antiwar protest planned for the Port of Oakland; police greeted the peaceful protesters, whom CATIC had said would likely have Molotov cocktails and other weapons, with rubber bullets and wooden slugs in what has been called the most violent confrontation between Iraq war protesters and police nationwide.
CATIC, the Beijing-based Chinese-government defense company, was found by the U.
CATIC was allowed to purchase very sophisticated five-axis machine tools and an entire production plant from McDonnell-Douglas, technology it can use to produce more advanced fighterjets, bombers, and missiles.
Chinese firm CATIC, a competitor on the earlier tender, is said to be cold to the new one as a result of the previous postponements and cancellation.