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Age and growth of carp Catla catla (Hamilton, 1822) from northern India.
Temporal relationship between the circulating profiles of melatonin and ovarian steroids under natural photothermal conditions in an annual reproductive cycle in carp Catla catla.
Comparison of age estimates from scale, opercular bone, otolith, vertebrae and dorsal fin ray in Labeo rohita (Hamilton), Catla catla (Hamilton) and Channa marulius (Hamilton).
Investigation of genetic diversity by microsatellite have been described within genes of a variety of fish species, including Caspian Sea Cyprinus carpio [29], Catla catla [1], Esox lucius [12], Oncorhynchus masou [11] and Caspian Sea Salmo trutta [27].
Presently three Indian major carps, catla, rohu, and mrigal account for more than 90% of freshwater aquaculture production (Veerina et al.
Tenders are invited for supply of 800 units of flood minikit to 29 blocks of this district each unit contains advanced fingerlings of catla rohu and mrigal 1000 nos size 3 4 inches pure variety and lime calcium oxide good quality 30kg
Use of mixed feeding schedules in fish culture: Field trials on Catla Catla (Hamilton- Buchanan) rohu Labeo rohita (Hamilton) and common carp, Cyprinus carpio.
Similarly, in the study comparing catla (Catla catla) from three major river systems, Islam et al.
Tenders are invited for supply of 20 units advanced fingerlings of indian major carps or i m c among the selected beneficiaries of 18 blocks of the district each unit consists of catla rohu and mrigal fingerlings 25 pices per kg and pure variety 7500 nos
Tenders are invited for supply of 235 units of fry of imc of catla rohu mrigala silvercarp 2350000 nos 25 30 mm size and 94000 kg suplimentary feed mixture of grounat oil cake mustured oil cake and rice bran 1 1 by weight good quality among the selected 23
Tenders are invited for Supply of Fish Fingerlings Rohu Catla 10to12 cm in size) 4500noshectare Lime Calcium Oxide 200Kgper hectare
Tenders are invited for supply of fish fingerlings rohu and catla 10-12 cm in size greater than 4500nos.