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CATNAPChicago Area Toon Novices and Professionals (Chicago, IL)
CATNAPCheapest Available Technology Narrowly Avoiding Prosecution (hazardous waste management and remediation)
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A STOW AWAY moggy took a 100- mile trip around Merseyside after taking a catnap in a removals van.
ENJOYING a catnap are Wilson (black) and Giles (ginger).
CUTE kitty Tabatha chose the wrong place to take a catnap.
Whether used for a daytime catnap or a full night's rest, open-air sleeping platforms can give you a chance to enjoy summer weather to the fullest.
We are not down, we're just having a little catnap in the winter.
Women are much less likely to be napping after eating, with 70 percent of female survey respondents forgoing the conventional Thanksgiving catnap.
A spokeswoman for Asda said: "Pixie is quite an independent moggy, who tends to turn up when he pleases and enjoys a catnap outside the store.
After a hard morning chasing birds, Sammy can't wait until it's time for his catnap.
A hotel chain is renting out its rooms for half an hour to enable tired motorists to take a catnap.
The two had been at the library working for more than 12 hours and would likely get no more than a quick catnap before heading to class.
A brief catnap and I was roused again as my husband tossed and turned.
Work on the escape tunnel hasn't even begun yet and the new cellmate doesn't sleep or even catnap so it's hard to do any digging on the sly.