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CATOCatoctin Mountain Park (US National Park Service)
CATOCanadian Association of Tour Operators
CATOCatastrophe At Take-Off (i.e., the rocket blew up)
CATOCanyon Towhee (bird species Pipilo fuscus)
CATOContract Air Terminal Operations
CATOCadet Administration and Training Order (DND Canada)
CATOCivilian Automated Training Office
CATOCombat Arms Training Organization (Army)
CATOConcealed Approach and Takeoff
CATOCheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma
CATOChief Ammunition Technical Officer (UK military)
CATOCombined Air Terminal Operation (NATO)
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In reality, he could say this with ten times more reason and confidence than Cato, or any other proud fellow among the antient or modern heroes; for he was not only devoid of fear, but might be considered as a faithful labourer, when at the end of harvest he is summoned to receive his reward at the hands of a bountiful master.
The Cato Corporation is a leading specialty retailer of value-priced fashion apparel and accessories operating three concepts, "Cato", "Versona" and "It's Fashion".
Cato BioVentures under the terms of the agreement will capitalize equal to $1.
Cato and an accomplice escaped with pounds 1,000, but he was arrested that night and an imitation firearm, balaclava and gloves were found in his home.
Even in the face of objections from prosecutors and officers investigating the case, the district judge released Cato back into the community on August 6, last year.
Now in its fifth annual edition, Cato Supreme Court Review presents a comprehensive critique of the Supreme Court's most important decisions from the term just ended and a preview of the year ahead.
The didactic purpose of Addison's Cato is made clear by Alexander Pope's prologue to the play.
In this piece, DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION proposes three points from Finneran and then counterpoints from David Salisbury, who is the director of the Center for Educational Freedom for the Cato Institute as well as an expert on education issues.
Robert Levy, a senior fellow at Cato, is one of the attorneys working on the case.
At the same time, think tank entrepreneurs like Ed Feulner of Heritage and Edward Crane of CATO moved adroitly to cultivate corporate allies.
Riordan made the comment about Cato last year after becoming angered when Cato publicly criticized Deputy Chief Mark Kroeker as not being a good candidate for Los Angeles police chief.